Below is the gala diary for your assistance in order to allow you to plan and save the dates of when your swimmer may be competing. This is updated regularly so it is useful to keep checking here for galas which have been added.

To assist, the events have been colour coded to show whether they are a team gala or individual open meets. In respect of the open meets they are further colour coded to show the Level of each gala as these will have different entry times ie Level 1 requires the fastest qualifying times whereas Level 4 requires no qualifying times.

We will endeavour to ensure all events are inputted where possible but please be aware there will be other individual meets which we do not place on here but which you may wish to take your swimmer to. In addition, we will also confirm which of the events are “targeted” by the club ie we will provide a poolside presence. Where it is not targeted then there will be no poolside presence from LPSC. You may still enter as a Penguin but there will no assistance from the club on the day.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Level 1 Level2 Level 3 Other Club League Team Gala