New to Penguins:

How is the club structured?
LPSC welcomes swimmers of all abilities subject to a trial.  There are two main groups of swimmers – Pre-squad and Coaching.  The Pre-squad is sub-divided into the lanes according to their ability and we aim to give swimmers an introduction to the basic swimming strokes and develop their skills to include starts and turns whilst continuing to work on their stamina and general fitness levels.  The Coaching group includes advance swimmers where swimmers train to achieve personal goals and work towards regular competitions at local district county and national levels.  Swimmers will be selected to swim competitively for the club and at the appropriate levels.

The criteria for moving from group to group
Our teaching and coaching staff continuously assess swimmers within the Pre-squad and move them through the lanes when they feel they are at the right level for the individual swimmers.  At the appropriate time the teaching/coaching staff will move swimmers between the groups and the swimmer will be promoted to the Coaching group.  This is dependent upon their performance, ability, attendance, attitude and commitment.

How can parents/carers assist their child?
As a parent of our club you are asked to: Remember that your child participates for their own enjoyment and not yours.  Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.  Never ridicule your child for making a mistake or losing a race.  Finally, be a positive role model.

What equipment does a swimmer need?
The following items are standard equipment/requirement for training at LPSC – one swimming costume for girls (cross back please) and swimming jammers for boys – no bikinis or shorts.  Swimming cap, swimming googles, water bottle, towel.  Fins (flippers and float for coaching group only)

What behaviour is expected in sessions?
Please refer to our general code of conduct for swimmers however as a member of the club all swimmers are expected to meet the requirements in regard to your conduct during any club activity or gala.

Membership and Fees

What are the fees to ASA and why do we pay them?
All members must pay an annual fee for ASA registration every February.  This permits them to swim with an affiliated cover club and also provides insurance cover.  There are 3 categories as follows:-

Category 1 – All swimmers who do not compete in licenced meets.  This includes all swimmers in both teaching and coaching groups.  The club pay this fee on your behalf to Swim England.

Category 2 – All swimmers who enter any level of licenced meet, ie Liverpool and District Champs and Lancashire County Champs.  This is payable by you to the club who pass it onwards to Swim England

Category 3 – All teachers, coaches, helpers and committee members.

These are set out annually and change every year.  We as a club pass it on to Swim England.

ASA Membership form Category 1/3ASA Category 1 3 Form-1
ASA Membership form Category 2Cat 2 Registration Form

When and how do I pay my Penguins fees?
There is an annual club membership fee payable in September of every year of £22 for Pre-squad and £20 for coaching.  This is a one off fee for being a member of the club and it is due every September.

In addition you pay regular monthly training fees of £28 for Pre-squad and £34 for Coaching.  The club would prefer payment by standing order and the bank details are on the membership form.  Alternatively they can be paid on the first weekend of every month at the desk on a Saturday or Sunday.

Is there any concessionary rates to siblings
Where a family has 2 or more members at any one time then a concessionary rates are applied to the monthly fees for the second member.

How do I complete a membership form and who does it go to?
A membership form is contained here – LPSC Membership Form 2017 or ask at the desk during training sessions.  Alternatively email secretary@liverpoolpenguinsc.org.uk

If my child is leaving Penguins, who should I inform? – For this and all other confidential enquiries or whether you are not sure where to direct your enquiry please email secretary@liverpoolpenguinsc.org.uk

Medical Issues:

Medicine and swimming
Should you any concerns over medication and swimming then please consult our welfare officer, Pam McCrossan using welfare@liverpoolpenguinsc.org.uk

Should we notify anybody if I’m taking medicines of any type?
It is a requirement for all swimmers registered to take part in open competition that they provide details on their membership form and medical notification must be given to us.

Internal and external Galas:

Is there any restrictions on spectating?
During training sessions and galas we ask that parents stay up on the balcony in case they are needed as we do not have the staff to look after children should they need to get out of the water or be unwell.  We request that parents supervise the younger children in the changing areas as our training sessions are in public buildings and there are often other events going on at the time of LPSC sessions.

What happens on the day of the gala?
On the day of the gala, swimmers are expected to meet the code of behaviour to include; swimmers report to the team manager before the start of the warm up and maintain a high standard of behaviour at all times.  They only leave the poolside after getting permission from the team manager.  Respect your fellow team mates, coaches, officials and other competing clubs.  The Liverpool Penguin Team Kit should be worn as directed by team staff at all times.

What is the difference between and club and external gala
LPCS competes in a number of different leagues and galas throughout the year.  These include team competitions such as the Coop Cup, Merseyside and District Junior League and National Arena League which are all team galas where you represent the club within a team environment.  In addition there are individual external galas or Open Meets such as Liverpool and District Championships, Lancashire County Championships, City of Liverpool Tadpoles where you enter as an individual but still represent the club.

How are swimmers selected for team galas?
Swimmers are selected solely by the Head Coach according to the clubs requirements with regards to the swimmers ability, commitment and their recent performance particularly at any other team or individual competitions where ASA registered times are confirmed

What do I need for a Gala?
LPSC kit ie polo shirt, costume/trunks, cap, tracksuit and sweatshirt; plenty of water or lightly diluted drinks; a minimum of two towels; flip flops; googles; fruit and snacks and drinks to top up energy levels.   Swimmers should have dry costumes to cover each race.  Swimmers should never sit around in wet costumes.  All swimmers who are invited to represent the club should wear the LPSC kit and for further details please see our website to download the order form.