Fundraising is an important and vital part of our club especially as everything we do is on a voluntary basis.

The income received from fundraising is given directly back to our club members for social and other events aside from swimming

Fundraising can be achieved in numerous ways, most of which require the support of our members and their families although it may not always be monetary .

Throughout the year we hold various events, asking individuals and Organisations for their support….

Club Championships  – If you have your own business or are the employee of a business who you think may be interested in sponsoring Club Champs please contact me via

Easy Fundraising – This is the easiest way to donate to your club. It is totally FREE and every time you shop you donate. So PLEASE all join in and start climbing the donations leader board. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Raffle Sales are always run at galas and social events so if you have anything to donate please GET IN TOUCH …

Club Sponsors

We would be very grateful to any businesses or organisations wishing to support us so please get in touch …sponsors needed for club champs, website or any other ideas welcome.

Any ideas for fundraising will always be welcome so if anyone has thoughts please GET IN TOUCH ….

Fundraising can be hard, trying to get money off people when it feels like there is not enough to go round is difficult, but if everyone does a little, especially using easy fundraising, we could end up with a lot.

It will all add to the continued success of LPSC. The fundraising social fund is used to subsidise parties and days out for all our members, which we hope to increase over the coming year. If you have any ideas for a great day out please GET IN TOUCH …..

Thank you for all your help and continued support.

Fundraising at LPSC