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Joining Liverpool Penguins

Liverpool Penguin Swimming Club’s IOS Level One and Level Two volunteers teach and coach children from the age of five (depending on ability) in at a number of Liverpool swimming facilities: University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre, Everton Park, Kirkby Leisure Centre, Liverpool Aquatic Centre (Wavertree) and Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park (Huyton).

To join, your child will be asked to come for a swimming trial in order to assess their ability. We are looking at their basic strokes to see what stage they are currently at and to see if we will be able to develop them into competitive swimmers.

Teaching fees are £28 per month, coaching is £34 per month. Additionally their is an annual membership fee on joining and renewed each September. This includes an ASA membership fee, which all swimmers require for insurance purposes. More advanced swimmers who are taking part in galas will have an additional annual category 2 ASA registration fee.

Initially you will need a swimming costume; girls one-piece, boys briefs or jammers (no swimming shorts allowed). Anyone swimming with long hair needs a swimming cap. Goggles are also needed. Once your child enters coaching additional equipment may be required but this will be discussed nearer the time.

To apply for a trial please e-mail penguinadmin@liverpoolpenguinsc.org.uk

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Recent Announcements

June 8, 2016 |

Saturday Training at Austin Rawlinson

Download (DOCX,...

May 26, 2016 |

REMINDER!!! Bank Holiday Closure (28-30th May, 2016)

Please remember that there will be no sessions this coming weekend as many of our vounteers are on holiday....

May 22, 2016 |

University session cancelled- 22/05/16

Unfortunately the university pool will be closed today due to someone being sick in the pool Sorry for any inconvenience caused...

May 21, 2016 |

Gala Update

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding following the closure of Everton Park and the rearrangement of the training sessions. We have sourced an alternative venue for the club champs on the original dates planned, however, we still awaiting confirmation that the pool is suitable under the ASA guidelines. However if we are unable to sort out these issues, we feel that you should be aware of a couple of open meets that are available to you just in case you wish to achieve qualifying times for L&Ds. Wirral Meet – 9/10 th July 2016 Cut off date is 9th June 2016 – All paperwork should be submitted in...

May 19, 2016 |

Session Cancellation due to cold water, Everton Park

Afternoon Session Everton Park  Saturday 21st May   We understand that the heating will will be switched off on Friday 20th May   As the water will be too cold to swim we will be cancelling both the Teaching (1 – 2pm) and Coaching (2 – 4pm) sessions.   The Saturday morning can be run but it is at parent’s discretion whether their child swims or...

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