LPSC coaching sessions on Saturday and Sunday 6th/7th February will be used to support LPSC Coaching Development. Swimmers should turn up to sessions as usual. Swimmers will receive an appropriate level of input during sessions.  Swimmers are kindly requested to support coaches with appropriate levels of attention, behaviour, courtesy and respect. Thanks.

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Membership Fees and Monthly Swimming Fees

  IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL LPSC MEMBERS   Dear Parents, Guardians and Club Members, Payment of Membership due September 2015 This is to give notice that all club membership fees for the current year are now due to be paid during September with a deadline of the 30th September for receipt by the club. Membership fees due: Category Membership Coaching £25 Teaching £22 Method of Payment: For payment this year the club will be flexible around the method of payment. For those currently paying monthly training fees by Standing Order we would welcome the membership fees being paid by uplifting the Standing Order by the required amount for one month. For those wishing to pay by Standing Order or Electronic bank transfer please find attached the relevant bank mandate to be completed. Alternatively membership fees can be paid at the desk at Everton Park Sports Centre, or at Liverpool University during the weekend sessions. From next September the method of payment will be by Standing Order or Electronic transfer only to assist with collection of fees and to minimise any safety risks for individuals handling large amount of cash Non –Payment Swimming Fees or Membership: It is club policy that only paid members of the club can compete in Liverpool & District swimming competitions, and entries for the upcoming event will be reviewed against membership records. If anyone wishes to raise any concerns relating in this notice with the committee of LPSC, letter or email should be referred via LPSC Secretary, Chris Reynolds ( ). The concerns will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. On behalf of the committee of LPSC thank you for your continued support of LPSC. LPSC Committee 10th September 2015 Attachemnent shows above notice with standing order mandate: Download (DOC, 396KB) IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL LPSC MEMBERS Dear Parents, Guardians and Club Members, Payment of Swimming Fees by Standing Order In January the club wrote to inform that effective from the 1st February 2015 monthly charges for swimming were revised as follows: Group: Current Charges Per Month Revised Charges Per Month (Effective from 01.02.15) Teaching £25 £28 Coaching £30 £34 2nd Sibling Charge £15 £17 Individual session charge (City Squad only) £4 The aim at the time for the club was for all coaching group members to pay the Monthly fees by Standing Order to the club. The majority of fees for the coaching group are now collected in this way. Following recent changes to the delivery of both Coaching and Teaching sessions, with sessions now delivered from Everton Park, concerns have been expressed about having volunteers handling significant amounts of cash. As such, at the recent committee meeting on the 10th of September...

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