Important Notice: Conduct at Liverpool University Sports Centre

Dear LPSC Members, Swimmer and Parents,
The management of the Liverpool University Sports Centre has brought to the attention of the Liverpool Penguin Swimming Club (LPSC) committee that the conduct and behaviour of some children and young people in the centre during LPSC sessions has fallen below the standards acceptable to the centre.
Unfortunately incidents have been reported to the committee which include; alarms being set off in disabled toilets, cupboards containing cleaning materials being opened and left opened and emergency automatic first aid equipment being opened. This conduct is unacceptable to both the University and LPSC.
All children, unless taking part in coached pool sessions, whilst at the University are the sole responsibility of parents and careers. As such all children must remain supervised by parents and carers at all times. LPSC is only allowed to use the facilities at the centre if all using the centre conduct themselves appropriately.
Any child, swimmer or otherwise, that is found to be acting in a standard below that required by the centre will be asked to leave the centre and LPSC. LPSC will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour at any centres used by the club and will not accept pool time being jeopardised by the poor conduct of a minority.
LPSC would appreciate it if all members, swimmers and parents could ensure that the standards of behaviour are adhered to and that all children remain supervised at all times.
LPSC Committee