Penguin Celebration Evening Sunday 28th October 2012

Penguin Celebration Evening – Sunday 28th October 2012
Tickets Need to be Bought or at least Let us Know You’re Coming!
Dear Penguin Friends,
Ticket sales for the LPSC Celebration evening, Sunday 28th October 2012, are currently low. You will appreciate that arrangements have to be made, in advance, for catering, the disco and for the booking of staff to work at the venue. We therefore we need to ensure that tickets are purchased or reserved for purchase.
This year we have been unable to start the event until 6.00pm due to the availability of the venue which we understand does not suit many. However, rather than have nothing to look forward to LPSC decided to progress with the evening at this time on the basis that it allows parents and swimmers time to get changed. It was hoped that, as in previous years, many would support the evening and make it a great night.
Can all of those who intend to buy tickets please buy tickets at the training session organised for 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 27th October 2012. 
To assist arrangements and to determine numbers for catering would all who are yet to buy tickets, but intend to, please email Alan McCarthy to confirm your intention to attend.
LPSC is run on a none profit and voluntary basis and only works with the support of parents and children. The hope is that many associated with the club continue to support LPSC events, such as the celebration evening, which allow the children and parents to meet, relax and enjoy an evening not in a swimming pool!
They are always a great fun and it doesn’t have to be a late night!
Kind regards