As you know the Liverpool swim community is close knit family, with its healthy competition .

As you know the Liverpool swim community is close knit family, with its healthy competition .
It was tragic news to hear of a young local mum and swimmer died last year.  Sharron Dixon ( Marina’s cousin and a Penguin herself as a child)  will be swimming the Great North Swim , in memory of Kelly and doing her best to raise money for the charity.
Kelly’s story is similar to most people who have the misfortune to get this terrible cancer. She had a pain in her side and went to the doctors who diagnosed a rib injury. A subsequent visit changed the diagnosis to a muscle strain until she woke up one morning with severe jaundice, and admitted to hospital immediately. Even at this stage no-one thought it could be anything too serious and several days later were told the devastating news it was Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer (CC), it was a complete shock.
Kelly was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the end of June it was soon realised it was a horrible disease that in most cases is only discovered when it is in its latter stages (as in Kelly’s case).
This cancer results in more deaths in the UK than cervical cancer, but is under researched. Recently, this cancer is being looked into with a view to being able to gain early detection, which, would result in a far better outcome and our chosen charity is at the forefront of this.
Cholangicarcinoma – is a form of cancer and appeared to have a very poor survival rate. The following 5 months can only be described a rollercoaster. Knowing that an operation was the only real chance of prolonged survival and initially being told an operation was not possible, to then being told it was, and ultimately being told the cancer had spread and therefore the operation was no longer an option.
Even the hope of chemotherapy diminished as Kelly was too weak to start it. It is a testament to Kelly’s strength, courage and determination that she ultimately went on to have several chemotherapy sessions until she passed away in December 2011.
She was an unbelievable person that touched the lives of so many, even those she only met fleetingly. Adored mum to Emily 11 and Ben 8. The children were her life. A wife, loving daughter, and sister. She was also an incredibly loyal and kind friend it was a massive loss to all those who knew her.
The most shocking statistic which was posted earlier this month on the AMMF website ( was that only 5% of people diagnosed with CC survive a year or longer. This is a shocking statistic confirming the lack of research into what is evidently an increasingly recurring cancer.
Kelly was a 37 year old non-smoker,non-drinker who led a healthy lifestyle. Quite simply the last person you would expect to get any form of cancer let alone CC.    This shows CC shows no prejudice when inflicting itself upon someone.
Whilst the pain of Kelly’s loss will never go away, helping AMMF to achieve their goals is proving great comfort to all the family. It is exactly what Kelly would have wanted.
I will be swimming Lake Windermere as part of the Great North Swim on June 23rd 2012 in order to raise some money in Kelly’s memory for the AMMF charity.
Can I ask that if this story has touched you in anyway that you kindly donate to the AMMF charity via the just giving page, which was set up in the memory of Kelly Eastwood by her husband Jason. or Eastwood.
If you are so kind to donate, can you mark it for Sharron’s swim, and then leave your message and donation.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sharron Dixon
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