Warrington Postcode Gala

Dear LPSC Penguin Swimmers, Parents and Supporters.

Well done to all who attended today’s gala at Woolston, Warrington.
For many of our swimmers it was their first opportunity to swim in a
gala on behalf of LPSC and all should be very proud of their efforts.

Our challenge today was that LPSC was also competing in a gala which
was held at Crosby. Rather than merely swim one event, the club
decided to enter both events, to give the maximum number of club
members’ the opportunity of gaining competitive swimming experience.

Traditionally the Woolston meet is a novice meet and is used as a
development opportunity. This can be very difficult particularly for
younger swimmers to understand, as invariably, many only look at the
overall positions at the end of the gala.

If we all try and remember that most of the children who competed were
swimming in age groups older than their actual age and despite not
gaining points in three of the 12 year old events (due to insufficient
swimmers) to finish only 17 points behind the next placed team is an
outstanding effort and bodes well for the future. All who took part
should be very proud of their efforts.

Thank you to all who supported the swimmers by taking them to the
gala. Keep up the training and the hard work. Abilities, fitness,
times and results will only continue to improve.