LPSC NOTICE (17/11/11)

To LPSC Coaching Group Members and Supporters


Liverpool Penguin Swimming Club (LPSC) is always striving to develop and progress the skills and abilities of all its swimming members.

As part of this progression and development LPSC is to enable all its coaching group swimmers to have the opportunity of developing a Personal Record of Achievement (PRA). It is hoped that swimmers will actively use their PRAs to monitor, review and guide their personal progress as part of their training programme and ongoing swimming development.

Swimmers’ personal records of achievement are intended to support the progression and development of each individual swimmer by enabling them to have a record of times achieved in the following areas;

100m IM   50m Freestyle  50m Backstroke 50m Butterfly 50m Breaststroke

LPSC will provide coaching group swimmers with the opportunity of gaining times for the above events at the following swim sessions:

Tuesday 22nd November – Picton – 7.00pm

Thursday 24th November – Huyton (New Pool) 7.00 pm

Saturday 26th November – Everton Park – 9.00 am

Coaching group members are encouraged to attend at least one of the above sessions to ensure that they have a starting point for their PRAs.

It is intended for timed sessions to be undertaken at regular intervals through the year so that coaching group members are able to see that their training programmes and efforts are developing their skills and abilities.

LPSC wishes to thank all its members and supporters for their continued efforts.

Anyone who wishes to become involved in the voluntary work of LPSC in any capacity; poolside assistance / support, fund raising, club development is actively encouraged to become involved.

LPSC always needs your help!You will enjoy it!

Please contact any coach, committee member, or Jim Howlin to discuss how you all can help.